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Welcome to our Bulletin!

For Sunday, October 21ST, 2018

Pastor, Mrs. Rachel and Miss Lydia Grace Smith

Dear Church Family and Friends,

Welcome to Crossroads! We are so glad to fellowship together underneath the banner of the cross! I'd like to express a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has been reaching people! TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! (<---Click for a sermon on that very topic!) Let's continue to serve GOD with relentless faith for HE is worthy! Let's pray together for future blessings on the ministry of Crossroads Baptist Church!

To each visitor, you're our welcome to guest at Crossroads Baptist Church! Thank you for coming! The Lord is wonderful, and we pray you know the peace that passeth all understanding that can only be found in Christ Jesus the Lord. If you have any questions about eternal life and the Word of God, please contact us. We would love to convey the message of salvation to you! You can listen to a message on eternal life through Jesus Christ by clicking here!

Blessed beyond measure because of Christ,

Justyn Smith, Pastor of The Crossroads Baptist Church in Peoria, IL

Fall Update 2018

Nursery Workers

This may not reflect any changes reworked on physical copy.

Please refer to the nursery schedule outside the nursery for any changes that have been made.

October's Giving Totals (4 Week Month)

Let's be faithful to give our tithes and offerings "...upon the first day of the week...as God has prospered..." us!

First Corinthians 16:2

Tithe: $6,448

Missions: $1,730

Building Fund: $315

*Other giving is not listed here.

**We do not typically pass offering plates. For those looking to give, we have an offering box in the back, or you can give online through this website or our church app by clicking here.

***CBC will direct giving in a different way if designated giving is against its beliefs. Thank you!



Wednesday, October 3rd: 45

Sunday, October 7th: SS-44; AM-82; PM 52

Wednesday, October 10th: 50

Sunday, October 14th: SS-?; AM-?; PM?

Wednesday, October 17th:



TOTAL FIRST TIME VISITORS FOR 2018: 212 (as of 10.14.18)

(Overall totals are minus special meeting visitors from other churches.)


Sunday, October 14th: 3

Please, pray one for another!

The Beadles to Colombia 

Miss Bennett to South Africa

Miss Bennington to Romania 

The Birkholz to Honduras 

The Bueckerts to P.E.I. Canada

Camp Joy


The Crabtrees to the Deaf

The Crosswhites in Evangelism 


Mr. Esteves to the Philippines

The Ferraris to Argentina

The Frosts to New Zealand

The Gillaspies in Evangelism 

-> The Gostlins to the French <-

The Halls with B.E.S.T. Missions

The Harts in Evangelism 

The Haynies with Adelphos

Miss Heimerl to Brazil

The Hernandezes to Thailand 

The Hulletts to Alaska 

The Ingrams to Brazil


The Johnsons to Lithuania 

Ms. King to the Jews

The Montgomeries to Puerto Rico

The Murrays to Taiwan

The Novaks to Kenya

The Orcaleses to the Philippines 

Mr. Orcales to the Philippines 

The Pearceies to N.Y.C.

The Pinnixes to Remote Alaska 

The Potts in Evangelism 

The Priems to Ukraine 

The Rains to Kenya

The Richards to Germany 

The Roberts to South Africa 


The Sommerdorfs in Evangelism 

The Tacons to Italy

The Talleies to Northern Canada

The Tesseneers to India 

The Workmans as Church Builders