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Scroll through the following steps, and find out where you are at on God's Pathway!


Believe on Jesus Christ - The Pathway of the Christian life always begins with salvation. Every step after this will mean nothing if you are not saved. Jesus Christ came to this earth as God to die on the cross for your sins, He was buried, and He rose again the third day so that you might have eternal life through simple faith in HIM.

If you haven't taken this first step, and if you'd like to learn more about eternal life through Jesus Christ, please click here.

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Believer's Baptism - After you have believed on the Lord Jesus Christ for eternal salvation, you are ready to take the second step of Believer's Baptism!

Believer's Baptism is your public statement of faith in Jesus Christ. Getting baptized is a symbolic representation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Going under the water represents Christ's death and burial. Coming up out of the water represents Christ's bodily resurrection and new life! When you commit to Believer's Baptism, you commit to dying to your old life and being raised to walk a new life in Christ. Romans 6:4

Depending on you previous church background, Church Membership will be addressed during your pursuit of this step.

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Grow in Grace - This is learning more about God and His Word (the Bible), and it's imperative if you want a healthy, steady spiritual life that follows Jesus for all your days. This is probably the most time consuming steps, but it's well worth it! Our Pastors are dedicated to the teaching of God's Word, and you will be greatly encouraged through each meeting. Please sign up for one of our discipleship courses as soon as possible!

We welcome seasoned believers or church members to sign up to take any of our discipleship classes. If you are interested in becoming a leader of one of our discipleship classes, please contact Pastor.

The optional classes currently offered can be held in home or at church, and they are as follows: 1. Next Steps for New Believers • a simple study designed for a 30min time period, 2. Continue • a more in depth study designed for a 60min time period, and 3. Evangelism • how to talk with people about Jesus.

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Impact - To us, church isn't church unless our compassion impacts people during our services and then spills beyond the walls of our church after our church services are over. This will happen when we purpose to impact our world for Jesus Christ. Our ongoing initiative is faithfulness to God's will, and a local outreach with a global impact.

There are so many ways to put your compassion to work as you partner with us at Crossroads Baptist Church. (The Bus Ministry, Children's Ministry, various outreaches, various volunteer opportunities, etc.) There's always something going on, or a need that needs to be met, especially as we continue to grow... There is a place for you at Crossroads Baptist Church!

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We believe that the best way to grow in your walk with God is to surround yourself with meaningful relationships. This happens during each gathering at Crossroads, and it happens when we gather outside our normal church service times. It won't take a person to long to figure out that we value our church family so much around here.

So whether today was your first time, or if Crossroads has been your home for years, the Next Step has been designed with your personal growth in mind. Each step is so much more than just a quick handshake or a hello at church...we'll go beyond a simple Sunday morning and show you the way of Jesus Christ. We believe you'll find out what makes a church family so relevant and valuable to your life.

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